a new kind of urdu kitaab.

A mazaydaar blend of art, food, and the Urdu language.

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khubsurat inside and out — Just like you.

Discover the magic of 100+ hand-drawn illustrations that leap off the page. Each detail-rich, mouth-watering drawing will tantalize your senses and could even unlock your core memories.

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it’s iftaari for your eyes and your mind.

The Pakistani-American community is starving for high-quality Urdu resources. This book is more than vocabulary; it's a vibrant exploration of Urdu, featuring beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations across 240+ pages. Plus, with phonetic pronunciations and an interesting fact for each word, your Urdu understanding of food will flourish in no time.

Choti Bites, Bara impact.

Find that connection to your mother tongue or spend meaningful time away from your phone. This book takes you on an inspiring journey through ingredients found in most Urdu-speaking homes. Its purpose is to help you feel a sense of belonging to your roots while making Urdu digestible for those who may find it intimidating—one little bite at a time.



Dad, designer, home cook, Urdu speaker, and now an author (eek!). Learn about why I wrote this book and what it took to get this far.

About Little Bites of Urdu


your sawaal, my jawaab.

What is Little Bites of Urdu?

Little Bites of Urdu is a new coffee table book which features Roman Urdu words (Urdu words written with the English alphabet) and hand-drawn illustrations related to all things in the kitchen.

Why didn’t you write it in the Urdu script?

This book is meant to bring delight and joy to all those who pick it up. It is also meant to make Urdu approachable and less intimidating. I made the decision to stick to Roman Urdu so that anyone could learn the words and their pronunciation without needing to know the Urdu script.

How did you draw all the illustrations?

I drew all the pictures on my iPad using an Apple Pencil. I used the app ProCreate and used reference photos to get the right look and feel. Each drawing from 45 min - 2 hours each, depending on the complexity.

What were you inspired by?

After my daughter was born, we were given a stack of Urdu books that were just bad quality. Not just print quality, but the illustrations as well. I also realized that many adults living in the US don't have a big vocabulary, even if they're connected to Pakistani culture. So I used my skills in art, design, and my passion for Urdu to make this book.

Where can I buy the book?

The book is still coming soon but it will be available on this site and Amazon soon after.

What if I change my mind after preordering?

There's a 100% money back guarantee. Details will follow soon.